Hello World

Hello, stranger! My name is Denis

Hello World

Hello, stranger! My name is Denis Demchenko. I'm a software engineer with profound experience in product development, currently working as the Chief Technology Officer at Videoly. I'd been planning to create a blog for sharing my humble thoughts and knowledge with the community for sometime now, but never found enough time or inspiration to start writing. Now I decided to give it a shot, and try to take up writing.

I'm going to focus mainly on technical topics about software development, management in IT, probably some financial topics, and a maybe something else I would find possibly useful for others. If you are interested in certain questions that I might have knowledge in and haven't yet covered it in the blog, please, reach out — I appreciate any feedback!

I also plan to work on well-crafted tutorials on web development topics. Consider subscribing if you are interested in learning, and don't hesitate to reach out on Twitter in case you have any questions.

Things will be up and running here shortly!

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