About me and HT

Hi! My name is Denis Demchenko. I'm a skilled software engineer, mainly focused on web applications and services development and architecture, but not only. I'm highly interested in cloud platforms, networks, data science, leadership, fintech and economics.
I've been into software engineering and web dev since 2012. I started from smaller local companies but lately have been working at Videoly.co on building a complex distributed system.

Humble Thoughts

Humble Thoughts is the place I'm going to publish pieces of personal knowledge and experience on different topics. It's likely to be solely software engineering-focused posts at first, but I'm keen to take up covering a broader range of subjects in the future. My goal is to create interesting and practical content. I have plans to create exclusive content (such as comprehensive tutorials) available only for paid subscriptions. Some of the free content will also be available to the subscribers only (starting from Free-tier), so please subscribe not to miss out new content!
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Don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

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